Saturday, August 10, 2013

Gemini Weekly Horoscope (11 August - 17 August) 2013

Zodiac Signs Gemini Horoscope Weekly

Love / Romance :  This week you are likely to get the company of lover/beloved after a long separation. The opportunity will bring some enjoyable time as you spend each others company sharing romantic thoughts.

Education / Career / Profession : Your style and unique way of doing things will interest people who are closely monitoring you at work. At the same time, keep yourself alert while interacting with important people to gain some valuable tips. Lawyers will be able to negotiate with clients. 

Health / Fitness : You are likely to get rid from backache/joint pain as you take the help of herbal treatment. There are indications that the purity of herbs will provide you a solace from your agony. 

Family / Relationship : Festive atmosphere at home as child fair well in the examination will keep your spirits high. This will make you to visualise your dreams coming true. But to maintain the present success it would be very important to keep encouraging him/her. For the moment it would be better to plan a short picnic tour with family to celebrate the success. This small but nice gesture on your part would immensely boost the morale of the child.

Money / Finance / Wealth Money invested in vibrant organisations will fetch you handsome returns. Need of the hour is to invest it well to bring back good returns in future as well. You can use the surplus amount to pursue your plans. However a smart spending would be of paramount importance because wasting carelessly might backfire.

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