Thursday, April 4, 2013

Daily Horoscope - Zodiac Sign Sagittarius - April 5, 2013 - Friday

Daily Horoscope - Zodiac Sign Sagittarius - April 5, 2013 - Friday

Romance : Don't get disappointed on failing to meet your dream person today.  

Career : You might have to take a major decision at work. Timely and swift action would give an edge over others. Make sure you give an ear to subordinates for some useful suggestions.

Health : You need to divert attention from illness to recover fully from this. Keep in mind that the more you talk/think about this the longer it gets. Therefore keep yourself engaged in some creative work to divert your attention.

Family : Control your temper by understanding the feelings of family members.

Finance : Not a good day to lend loans. If possible defer the plan. You can even simply ignore as chances of losing the money are high. Even loan for a short period should not be given. If it urgently needed to be given mortgaging something as guarantee would be important.

Miscellaneous : Make sure you shift your focus from personal to social life. It would be in your interest to devote time on charity and helping those who need your help. Keeping a smile on your face would allow even strangers to ease. Let them feel similar to share their personal problem with you.


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